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Tamar Blom

Lightning needs to strike in order to illuminate is the result of a four-week-residency at Theater Rotterdam.
In this disorienting performance installation Wild Vlees creates together with their audience a new complexer and inter-relational space. The spectator finds herself in a constantly transforming environment, created by barely lit black ropes that connect one person to another and follow their movement, constructing an unstable and temporary network of encounters. While the architecture of the space keeps shifting and the web slowly increases its entropy, the focus gradually transfers towards the creation of a new object: all ropes have come together to give birth to an extremely dense dark knotted matter, echo of the transformed environment.

Hidde Aans-Verkade, Tamar Blom, Abel Kroon, Francesca Lazzeri, Job Rietvelt, Elowise Vanderbroecke

2018, The Netherlands

Photo’s: Salih Kilic